Volunteering Portal is now LIVE

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Magic Society winning Best New Society at Volunteer Awards 2018

Volunteering is the new done thing. Whether you volunteer to get experience, meet new people or simply because you like to help, there are volunteering opportunities for absolutely everyone. And as of today, you can log your volunteering hours with the Student Union's new Volunteering Portal.

You might be a volunteer already without knowing it! Have you given up your time to help in the community, as an unpaid representative or with a society? Then you're definitely a volunteer and should record your time on our portal.

But why? We're sure you've read the phrase 'it'll look good on your cv' over and over, but our volunteering portal helps you lock down what skills you've learnt through volunteering experience as well as search for opportunities to help develop skills you've not got yet. After 50 hours experience, you'll receive an exclusive Careers Service appointment to help put these onto your cv and make it sparkle. You'll also get an invitation to our annual Volunteer Awards for your work; a swanky awards ceremony where you can nominate the best student volunteers and events of the year. And even better, your volunteering hours will be recognised on your University transcript when you graduate and get a Saltire Award for your efforts too. 

So, what have you got to lose? Start logging your hours right now!


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