Black Lives Still Matter

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Since George Floyd's death a few weeks ago, a lot has happened!

What’s been done around the world? 

  • Louisville, Kentucky have now banned no-knock warrants and called the ordinance "Breonna's Law”, in memory of Breonna Taylor, who was murdered by the police back in March. 
  • The French Government announced that they are planning to take chokeholds (a very dangerous yet common maneuver) out of police academy curriculums. 
  • In London, a group of BLM protestors saved the life of a counter-protestor who was at risk of getting trampled in the crowd. 
  • Your Student Union and University are working hand in hand to lead the necessary changes to our institution. 

What still needs to be done? 

Although this is all very encouraging progress, there is so much more to do. This is only the beginning. 

We need to keep fighting for equality. Keep supporting the BLM movement, signing the petitions, holding institutions accountable. Keep educating ourselves on history and institutionalised racism. Celebrate Black artists, scientists, philosophers and lives. 

If you want ideas on where to start, the Guardian put together a gallery of BLM street art that has appeared on the streets of New York! 


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We, your Student Union, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Still Matter

Since George Floyd's death a few weeks ago, a lot has happened!