Want to take the hassle out of buying tickets for your favourite Freshers Week evening events AND save money at the same time?

Well you're in luck! Our Ticket Bundles do exactly that.

Buying a bundle gives you a "free" ticket to 5 evening events during Freshers Week. You get to pick which 5 on our website, and the best part? You can use them whenever you want! Pick them all now, wait until you arrive on campus and see what your new mates are wanting to go to, or even use them day by day when you see how you feel!

Read on to get more information, then when you're ready click the "Buy Now" button to make (possibly) the best purchase of 2022!

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How it works...

1. Buy

You buy your bundle - they're only available to HW Edinburgh students so make sure you login with your HW IT account details (not a guest account)

2. Pick

You pick the 5 events you want to come to - you'll receive an email ticket for each event

3. Scan

Show your email ticket at the venue when you arrive so it can be scanned

What events can be chosen with the bundle?

All of our Edinburgh evening events are included in the bundle. Specifically they are...

There are no bundle events currently available!


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After purchase - check your email receipt for more details on how to choose your free events!

Please note: once purchased, ticket bundles are non-refundable.

FW22 Ticket Bundle

Ref: P10006060
Freshers Week Ticket Bundle

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Price: £25.00
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5 evening events, pre-purchased and ready for you to select which you'd like to go to!

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