Foot & Frisbee Golf Tournament

Foot & Frisbee Golf Tournament

Hosted by Sports Union

Thu 22 October 2020 11:00-17:00

Oriam’s Indoor Synthetic Pitch

Footgolf is a game that works exactly like it sounds, delivering a combination of the beautiful game and the fairway for the discerning fan of both. And why not chuck a frisbee in there too just to keep things interesting?!

Get yourself a team of up to 6 people together and come down to Oriam for an hour of Foot & Frisbee Golf Fun on our world-class indoor pitch! No equipment or experience required.


Various start times available: 11am; 12.15pm; 1.30pm; 2.45pm; 4pm.
Sessions last up to 1 hour.
5 teams of up to 6 people (from no more than 2 households) per start time
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