Mandatory Happiness...Or, why you should not try to be happy every day

Mandatory Happiness...Or, why you should not try to be happy every day

Hosted by Psychology Society

Thu 25 February 2021 15:00-16:00


In case you didn't notice, we are living through a pandemic and like that wasn't enough already, we all have additional worries: coursework, lockdown, Brexit etc. Some of us can't see our friends, never mind attend parties, our packages from Europe might be delayed, we might have to pick up extra shifts at work to pay the bills...

At least, we have Netflix and Bridgerton that take our mind away from the never-ending every-day worries.

The world doesn't seem to mind these struggles though: we are told to use any spare time to improve ourselves, be successful at our studies, be kind to others, do some exercise, eat healthy, take care of our appearance, be grateful of what we have, be positive about our future, and so on, with a list that can easily become quite long.

In other words, we asked to be happy. To make a conscious effort to resist that feeling of being not ok. To go on with our lives like we are immune to events. Nowadays, it seems that being happy is mandatory, otherwise, there is something wrong with us.

Wait a second, though...

The pandemic and the many other world events are big changes. These big changes are scary, they surely have an impact our wellbeing, and cannot be dismissed so easily. Can we really be happy? Should we even aim at being happy these days?

Join Dr Anna Sedda in trying to make sense of this new world, to understand together what we can do to protect our wellbeing while avoiding the trap of mandatory happiness.

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