Student Member of Parliament


There are 5 Student Members of Parliament and there is no set remit for any of these positions to work on throughout the year. It is up to you to create, change or fix anything you want. You can run on any issue or cause you feel needs to be addressed.

Candidates standing for these positions will do so based upon wanting to improve the student experience at Heriot-Watt. This could be anything from wanting a 24-hour shop in the library to increasing the amount of street lighting around campus.

Student MP's will be supported by the Union Group most suited to the issue they have raised. As a Student MP, you will also support the work of Parliament through proactively listening to, and working for students as well as planning activities that meet the needs of students and increases participation in what we do. You will be expected to attend and contribute to monthly Parliament Meetings, and take an active role in organising events or campaigns throughout the year. You will also be responsible for implementing ideas that pass at Student Parliament.

Role Description