Candidate for the position of School MP - SoTD

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Georgia Collins

1. What would you bring to the role?

I have applied for this role as MP for SoTD, as I am very passionate about creating the best student experience. I have been working my way up to this point by starting as a Class Representative in my First year, and then School Officer in my Second year. Over the years beyond University, I have been the voice of students and I have enjoyed doing so. It is very rewarding when you can see what difference you are making to the students you are learning with, and see how it positively affects them. 

2. What one thing should a school MP act on in the next academic year?

  • Majorly improve our Student Union in our school. 

3. What specific aims and goals do you have for enhancing the student experience?

  • Majorly improve our Student Union in our school: 

            -  Fill all available roles: Class Reps, School Officers etc..., 

            - Create a designated Student Union space on the Borders Campus,

            - Have more Student Union events/societies for our students on the Borders Campus,

            - Build on our connection with other campuses.

4. Where can I find out more about your campaign?

If anyone has any questions regarding my campaign then please contact me through:


Instagram: georgiajanetextiles

There are so many other things that I would do to aid our school, however, this is my main hope for the future. I really hope you can see me as your new MP SoTD. :)