Candidate for the position of Student Member of Parliament

Matthew Mortimer

1. What would you bring to the role? 

I would bring previous Volentering and Marketing experience that I have from the Sports Union and Heriot-Watt Itself to the role. My course (Int Business Management w/ Enterprise) will directly help me make needed changes and adjustments. 
My experience: Sports Union Intern, Sports Union Lead Ambassador (Marketing), Residence Life Assistant, Basketball Social Sec, HWU Social Media Ambassador, Magic Soc Secretary, Society Leader and More!

2. What one thing should a Student Member of Parliament act on in the next academic year?

They should act on creating a better relationship between the union and students.

3. What specific aims and goals do you have for enhancing the student experience?

I would aim to have a stronger relationship between the Student Union and the Sports Union, this would help the campus experience for students and promote engagement for both. Additionally, increased opening hours for student spaces, especially during exams.

4. Where can I find out more about your campaign?

Have a look on my Instagram if you want to know more!