Candidate for the position of Student Union Vice President Wellbeing

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Charlie Crowson

Creating conditions for students to thrive!

1. What would you bring to the role? 

I will bring a friendly face, combined with my passion to ensure every student is supported, and a deeply held belief that we cannot succeed without a strong foundation of positive wellbeing. 

I have 3 years of experience as a class rep. I have used my position to ensure student satisfaction has gone beyond just academics. By checking in with my course mates and speaking up when incidents have affected students, I have been able to effect positive change.

I have struggled with my mental health during my time as a student at Heriot Watt, and I have been lucky to receive the support I needed. 

My own experience has motivated me to run for the VP Wellbeing position, in order to advocate for students from every background and ensure support is available and accessible for all students.  

As VP Wellbeing I would strive to create the conditions in which every student can thrive - a vote for me is a vote for student support! 

2. What three things should the VP Wellbeing act on in the next academic year?

  • Putting wellbeing at the heart of the return from virtual learning

  • Enhance staff understanding of wellbeing

  • Improve access to support systems

3. What specific aims and goals do you have for enhancing the student experience?

  • Return from Virtual Learning 

Work alongside VP Education at meetings with the university to ensure wellbeing is at the centre of all discussions relating to changes in how we learn. 

Focus on expanding the Wellbeing Group, and facilitate events and meetings to allow continuous communication with the student body. Staying in touch with students will allow me to understand how the changes are affecting you. 

Ensuring students have spaces to discuss and learn about wellbeing as well as equality and diversity. By working alongside liberation groups to reorganise events like the Equality and Diversity Forum and the annual Mental Health Conference. 


  • Staff Understanding of Wellbeing

Organise equality, diversity, and wellbeing training for university staff.

Work to improve the personal tutor system and ensure all students have a member of staff available to support them through their degree

Provide staff with up to date and relevant information about support services to help them guide students to the resources they need. 


  • Support Systems

Boost the Advice Hub’s capacity to help students (and ensure their reach to the Orkney and Scottish Borders campuses), by increasing funding and expanding the team.

Ensure resources are relevant and up to date. Streamline the student portal, union and university websites to improve accessibility. 

Improve signposting and student-led support initiatives by supporting the union’s buddy project ‘MATES’ and helping to deliver the Wellbeing Reps scheme within all year groups. 

4. Where can I find out more about your campaign?

I'd love to have a chat - email me at 

Find me on TikTok (@votecharlie) or Instagram (@votecharlie22