Union Services 

Is the Union still open? 

The Union building (including Geordies, Zero and Liberty’s) and The Shop are unfortunately closed. Our Advice Hub has moved totally online so they’re still available to offer you help and support. 


Can I still get help from the Advice Hub? 

Yes, Angela or Ailie will be working Monday - Friday and you can email us at advice.hub@hw.ac.uk

When will I hear back? 

At the moment we are able to reply to you within 48 hours? 

Can I speak to someone instead of emailing? 

Yes, we can arrange to speak using Microsoft Teams. 

What can the Advice Hub help me with? 

The Advice Hub will respond to students about any issues or anxieties? 

We will sometimes be able to suggest other University and external services you can contact for help? 

Who can I speak to about accommodation issues? 

If it is about on-campus halls, contact halls@hw.ac.uk but for any other queries, please get in touch with us in the Advice Hub. 


How do I find out who my reps are?

You can find a list of Class Reps and School Officers at www.hwunion.com/be-represented/academic, or if you're a Masters student email union.pgt@hw.ac.uk.

How are Class Reps and School Officers representing me? 

Reps are in frequent contact through video meetings and emails with your Head of Department, Head of School, Directors of Learning and Teaching and Student Union President. They are using feedback from students to inform any mitigation plans that your department and school are putting into place to ensure that it works best for students. This means that they are the best people to give your feedback to! 

Who should I ask if I would like more information about course changes related to Covid-19?

The University have set up a Covid-19 Hotline which is open from 9am - 5pm (UK time), Monday to Friday.? 

The phone number is (+44) 0131 451 8899. 


I'm a society committee member. What should I be doing? 

Make sure to keep in touch with your members. Try a Whatsapp call, drop them a message on Facebook or suggest watching a film, playing a game together over Discord.

Don't forget you still need to have an AGM to decide the society's committee for next year. For more help on how to run an AGM online click here  

You’ll also need to complete a reaffiliation form. This confirms that you still want to be a society from now until May 2021. Complete it here.

Any questions, please send them to hello@hwunion.com.


I am/want to be a volunteer. How can I help? 

Have a look at our volunteering during COVID-19 page for tips: https://www.hwunion.com/volunteer/covidvolunteering/

Make sure to log any volunteering you do with us at https://www.hwunion.com/volunteer/log/ 

I’m a volunteer, how do I get my hours on my academic transcript? 

If you’re in final year, you need to make sure your hours are logged with us by 5pm, Friday 24th April. If not, they won’t be recognised on your transcript when you graduate.