NUS (National Union of Students)

We're an affiliated member of NUS (National Union of Students). NUS give Heriot-Watt Students a voice in Scotland, throughout the UK and Europe.

One of key ways in which we have a national voice, allowing us to make positive changes to the world around us is through the National Union of Students (NUS). Working with NUS we have the opportunity to get involved in campaigning for the rights of our students across the UK and inform our students about wider political issues, allowing them to get more involved and voice their opinion on issues from University funding to pro-choice legislation.

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NUS Conferences

The NUS holds national conferences once a year. National Conference is the sovereign body of NUS, and is where NUS policy is decided. Other conferences, such as Regional Conferences, Women's Conference, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Conference (changed as of 2004), Disabled Students Conference, Black Students' Conference and the International Students' Conference (created in 2004) are run to enhance the representation of the specific members they include.

During the By-Elections, the Union runs an election to decide which students will go as delegates to the NUS Scotland Conference and the NUS National Conference. 

Upcoming NUS Activity 

National Demonstration in London on Saturday 19th November by NUS and UCU against the marketisation of education. We are planning buses to take students to London alongside students from Edinburgh University, Queen Margaret University, and Edinburgh Napier to reduce costs for all of us collectively.

We will be aiming to fundraise too over the next few weeks so please do donate if you can, or even ask your lecturer if they will sponsor a place for you to attend! If you are interested and want to be involved then please do get in touch us on Facebook, via email, or at our Ask Me Anything on Tuesdays on the Bridge-link.

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