Why be a Class Rep?

Megan Ongley discusses why she chose to become a Class Rep

That’s what I asked myself in first year! When I started university, I was terrified, I came from quite a small town where I knew so many of the people around me. I thought to myself well I’ll get to know people anyway so may as well help them improve their time here!

I may not have the typical student experience so far, but I can say that being a class rep really helped me come out of my shell during first year and subsequent years! I’ve gotten to know students in so many year groups through being a class rep, and have interacted with members of staff that have never taught me, and this was a great experience as it means I have a weird variety of people I can go to and ask questions!

Being a class rep along with being a student ambassador has helped me narrow down what I want to do when I leave university as well. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I started, and the experiences that being a representative have given me has really helped with giving me a idea! And I’ve had a wonderful time improving a number of my interpersonal skills and my confidence!

Being a class rep has helped me in a number of ways, and I hope people realise how much you can help fellow students by being a class rep. I have had to resit a year and have experienced first hand the differences that class reps, and school officers have!


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