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The Advice Hub runs a programme of various campaigns throughout the academic year focussing on student welfare. We are part of the Universities Healthy Body Healthy Mind Committee and run many of our campaigns together with the Centre for Sport and Exercise, the Health Centre and Student Support and Accommodation including Well Being Week.

Other campaigns include exam stress management, sexual health, alcohol awareness, money week, healthy eating and more. These campaigns would not be successful without the time and commitment from our team of Hub Volunteers.

This year our various student ‘packs’ have been really popular with us giving away over 3500 FREE packs with information and goodies. We’ve had exam stress packs, sleep well packs, sexual health packs, knit club packs and international welcome packs.

Click on any of the leaflets that were included in our packs to download.

Advice Hub and Campaign Volunteers     

Volunteering at The Hub is a challenging, yet one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities Your Student Union offers. As a Hub Volunteer you are given full training and support by our professional student advisors. You can have the opportunity to work in the Hub doing some basic advice work and assisting the student advisors with more complicated casework, we also rely on the Hub volunteers to help create and deliver the various welfare campaigns we run.

What qualities do I need?                                  

No prior experience but as a Hub Volunteer you should be:

Non judgemental: It is very important to us that all students feel valued and respected and be free to discuss the issues that are affecting them without worrying about being judged.

Approachable: You should be receptive, warm, empathetic and really listen to students when they come into the Hub.

Dedicated: You should support the aims of the Hub and show a genuine interest in welfare issues. You must fulfil your commitment to the best of your ability and actively engage in the Unions welfare campaigns.

"Working at the hub gave me so much. It gave me confidence, training, an ace addition to my CV, friendships and so much more! I think being a volunteer gives you more than you can imagine when you apply, take the plunge and give it a try!"

Katie, 2nd Year Student and Hub Volunteer for 2 years

"I applied to volunteer at the Advice Hub because I wanted to be more involved with the Students’ Union and the wellbeing of Students. Settling into Uni can be difficult and I felt that if I could be there for just one person during my time as a volunteer that would be enough (even if I was just pointing them in the right direction). I also wanted the opportunity to meet new people. In my time as a volunteer for the Advice Hub I have become a much more confident person, especially in talking to and meeting new people. I am now more involved in the University and the Union and it’s a great experience. From my experience as a volunteer I have had a lot of fun and would encourage anyone who wants to be part of the Union and support students to volunteer here."

Ali, 3rd Year Student and Hub Volunteer for 1 year

If you are interested in being a Hub Volunteer, e-mail advice.hub@hw.ac.uk to find out more.