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Ollie Calder

Trans Officer

So, you’ve found yourself at the Officers section of the HW Student Union website and stumbled across some new faces. Possibly, mine is one of them, so I’ll let you know a bit about me and the role I play at the union.

Hi, I’m Ollie and I’m your Trans Officer for the academic year ahead. This year, I’ll be trying to make the university experience as gender-inclusive as possible. As well as working on set projects, such as gaining gender-neutral restroom facilities and organising all-gender and sexuality-inclusive sex education talks, I hope to be an approachable face around campus.

My job is to listen and act on transgender students' worries and concerns, so if you’ve got anything you need to discuss (or just want a chat) please just drop me an email, message or find me around uni and I’ll do my very best to help!

Also if you’re shy like me and don’t really know how to start up a conversation with new people, video games, fantasy genres, fashion and music are always a good place to start with me!

Contact Details

Drop Ollie an email at: 

Trans Officer