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Elise DeBacker

Student Parliament Facilitator

Tell us about yourself

Hi! I’m Elise and I’m in my third year studying Urban Planning and Property Development. Starting this year, am the Student Parliament Facilitator! I took on this position because I wanted to take a more active role of improving the student’s overall experience at our university. In doing so, I also want to show that all the students have a voice at our university and that you don’t have to be native speaker to make a difference. 

What do I do?

is the facilitator of Student Parliament, I am the most neutral person at the table. While managing the time we have, I make sure that all members of parliament are being heard, and all have equal opportunities to represent their school and its students in a safe environment.  

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

It is most likely you’ll find me sitting in the library or walking around Murrayfield during a match. Anything else is yet to come. 

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Student Parliament Facilitator

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