Careers Advice: Stand in the Elections

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Make a difference at Heriot-Watt and develop your own future

A Full Time Officer role with the Student Union could be your chance to drive your future career as well as make an impact on behalf of students at Heriot-Watt.

In the current graduate labour market, developing your career as a graduate for the future is not only about your qualifications and how good your degree is, but also about other skills and personal attributes that you will have developed in addition. 

As well as looking for evidence of your academic achievement, employers want you to be able to demonstrate a range of skills which will allow you to make an early and positive contribution to their organisation. A role with the Student Union could be the perfect opportunity to develop the sort of experience that employers will value greatly.

Some of the most common skills that employers look for in candidates include:

  • Initiative and resilience
  • Building effective relationships
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Project management and organisation
  • Being able to understand and utilise complex information to make and implement decisions over governance.

All of these skills are key elements within the Full Time Officer roles at the Student Union, so the positions offer a fabulous opportunity for you to really develop strengths in these areas and give you levels of responsibility at an early stage of your career development that few others will experience.

Interestingly, even the application and election process for these roles will help develop your skills! So it will be far from a wasted effort in applying for a position as the very process can provide a fabulous learning and development experience in itself. 

Do consider carefully how you could make a positive contribution to student life at the University, and at the same time develop skills and experience on a personal and professional level that will be invaluable as you develop your future career.


Keith Kilgore

Careers Consultant

Heriot-Watt University


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