Let us know they’d be great!

Do you know a student who:

  • Raises the voices of other students
  • Actively solves problems and looks for solutions
  • Works to improve the student community (on their course, in their student group, halls or campus)
  • Has great ideas about what would make life better for students
  • Gets stuck in and involved whenever they can
  • Really cares about the student experience

They sound like they’d be perfect to run the Student Union!

Now's your chance to let that person know how brilliant you think they are. Here's how you make it happen:

  1. You fill out the form below with the name of student, which role you think they'd be good at, and why
  2. Our Elections Team receives the form
  3. They get in touch to pass on your recommendation

(Psst, you can also choose whether you want to stay anonymous or not).

Please note: The information you provide will only be used to contact your recommendation and offer them more information on the role. We will share your comments about why you think they'd be great as well as your name if you choose to give it to us. We will not use the information provided for any other purpose, nor will we share it with anyone outside of HWUnion. For more information on privacy click here.


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Does anything they've done stand out to you? Are they in a society or representative position at the moment?
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