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University Halls of Residence  

What are Halls?

Halls on campus (aka Halls of Residences) are where most of our students live in their first year of studying.  You can get to know your campus, make new friends and settle into life as an independent student. On the Edinburgh campus, we currently have approximately 2000 residential places on campus, including 56 accessible rooms.  Our campus offers 24-hour safeguarding, ensuring the safety of all our students in Halls.  The University guarantees all new full-time students an offer of accommodation either on or off campus in their first year. You are covered by the guarantee if: 

  • You are a new full-time student 

  • You have an unconditional firm offer of a place at the University 

Different Types of Halls Available at Heriot-Watt  

At Heriot-Watt, our campus accommodation varies in type of room and prices. All our halls are self-catered, so make sure you bring some good recipes with you! 

  • Traditional En Suite rooms (£147 per week): Each of these bedrooms are around 12 square metres, including the private bathroom. The bedrooms are grouped around kitchens for the use of 4 or 5 students. These Halls include Robert Bryson, Lord Home, Robin Smith, George Burnett and Lord Thompson.  

  • Contemporary En Suite Standard Room (£175 per week): Contemporary en suite Standard rooms have access to large kitchens shared by 10 to 12 students. Each bedroom is 16 square metres, with a ¾ sized bed, storage and a study area. These rooms are called Christina Miller. 

  • Contemporary en suite Room in Flat (£182 per week): Rooms are around 16 square metres in size. In addition, these rooms benefit from significantly more kitchen/living space per student. It comes with a ¾ sized bed, storage and a study area. Kitchen and flat are shared by 5 students. Some of these are also rooms located in Christina Miller.  Our newest Halls are called Muriel Spark, Anna McLeod and Mary Fergusson.  

  • Contemporary Studio Flats (£204-215 per week/ONLY FOR POSTGRADS): Studios offer a price space with a private bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. They are only available for postgraduate students. Rooms are around 24 square metres and are priced individually according to size.

*Prices refer to 2021/22 entry prices 

Pros and Cons 



On campus makes getting to class so easy! 

Can be quite pricey  

Helps you settle into life as a Heriot-Watt Student 

Although new full-time students are guaranteed a room, you may not always get the type of room you request   

Large Halls make meeting new friends and course mates easier 

No guarantee of who you will be sharing communal space with  

Bills, Internet and Maintenance included in price  

All Halls on campus are self-catered 


24-hour SafeGuarding  


Walking distance to the Student Union! 


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