Got an idea to solve a problem students are facing? 

Use what you’ve heard from students to apply for up to £100 from the Student Union to run a project, event or campaign which could help solve that problem.  

Thanks to the Student Union and Heriot Watt Alumni Fund - the Student Union Academic Engagement Fund exists to support academic representatives (Class Reps/Department Officers/PGT Reps/ PGR Reps/School MPs) to work with the Student Union to create campaigns, projects and events to improve the educational experience and graduate skills of students at Heriot-Watt. 

You can apply for up to £100 of funding as an individual or as a group. Applications are open to academic reps at all Heriot-Watt University's Scottish campuses.  The only thing we ask is that you get back to us and let us know how it went – Did it work?  Is it worth doing again? Is there something else that needs done?  

Examples of potential ideas:  

  • Get incentives to help gather feedback from students on a topic 

  • Host guest speakers to deliver extra skills development sessions for your course  

  • Create resources to start a mentoring network between year groups  

  • Be creative!  

Download the ARE Fund application form here!

If you would have an idea but would like some support completing your application, please get in touch with: 

Genna Nesbitt, Student Engagment Manager -