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Kieran Robson Renner

Vice-President (Community)

Joined in 2018


As Vice President Community, it is my duty to make sure you get the most out of your university experience. Whether that be through wild Union parties or workshops tailored to improving your employability, I am your first point of call for the creation and management of events hosted by the Union.

“How to do I volunteer?”

“What is a society?”        “How do I make a society?”        

“Can I help with the Union’s charities?” “I am struggling in halls; who do I speak to?”

All these questions can be answered by me or my team of incredible officers. We are here for you and only you! Just remember if you want to talk about anything;

Halls                       Events                  Activities              Charities               Volunteering

Drop on by to the Union as my office is always open. (Just follow the sound of bad music and loud laughter.) 

A little about Kieran

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