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Diarmuid Cowan


Joined in 2016


I focus on the academic side of the student union and the university, such as university policy, discipline, and academic representation. I also sit on most of the high level committees and boards and also the Court of the University to make sure that you are represented in the decisions and actions of the university, so get in contact if you feel something needs doing.”

Check back on the Union website throughout the year to see what myself and the rest of your student officers are working on. 


A little about Diarmuid


I am Diarmuid, the Student Union President and if you are reading this you are probably trying to find out who I am. Well, tough. I won’t play your games.

Or will I?

I studied Economics at Heriot-Watt before deciding to run to be student union president. I wanted to change the way the university treats students, to improve student life here at Heriot-Watt, and to fight their corner. So here I am.

If you want to meet me then come on down to the student union between 9-5 Monday to Friday (I can’t be 24/7 as I have to have a life too!) You can also reach me at union.president@hw.ac.uk or by calling 0131 451 5333.  Any of you who are new incoming students will likely see me during Freshers Week and (for all of you) also during the Sabbatical Open sessions which will run throughout the academic year. 

My priorities for the year ahead

Diarmuid's priority

Diarumid's progress

The lack of a standard academic mentoring system
in the university

  In progress

The, frankly, poor rates of pay for postgraduate research
students for teaching, marking, etc

  In progress

The poor standard of food services in the university

  In progress

The lack of school-specific social areas for students
, with access to kettles and microwaves

  In progress
The prices of the student accommodation
, which sucks away whole student loans
  In progress

What I'm currently working on:

  • Looking at compensation packages for students affected by the teething problems in the new halls of residence
    Update: We're collecting more evidence of the problems residents have been experiencing. See our link here.

  • Improving the standard of personal tutoring across the Univesity 

    Update: The University have reinforced that they are committed to improving personal tutoring across the University

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