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Corto Pimenta

Vice-President (SBC)

Joined in 2016
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Hello Scottish Borders students!

I’m Corto your Vice President of the Scottish Borders campus. As you might have guessed I deal with campaigns and events at SBC. I’m the spokesperson for SBC students and look forward to helping you settle into Galashiels! 

A little about Corto


I am Corto, the Student Union Vice President for the Scottish Borders Campus in Galashiels. I arrived from France last year as an exchange student to do my 3rd year in Fashion Marketing and Retailing here at Heriot Watt, and now here I am, taking over the University.

Not afraid of a challenge, I immediately found my home in this lovely area that is Galashiels during last year’s Freshers Week, and till then, I had the most amazing year of my young life. Thus, when my friend Peter (the last VP at SBC) asked me if I wanted to replace him this year, it was a relief to know I had a solution to stay one more year in Scotland. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to change things on this campus by answering students’ requests, needs and more generally improve their social life and professional opportunities.

If you need to get in touch with me, you can pop by the Student Union Office from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm or send me an email at union.vpsbc@hw.ac.uk.

See you all during Freshers Week and throughout the year!

My priorities for the year ahead:

Corto's priority 

Corto's progress

Open a Student Space for SBC students to allow them the opportunity to build new relationships by meeting people from different years/courses as well as having a homely, cosy area to relax in and where we can organise events.


Check out 
'The Thread'

Launch a website to share student work and improve professional opportunities such as blogging, modeling, photography, and styling.

In progress

Improve student social life in Galashiels by developing present societies and creating new ones.

In progress
Open a studio space on campus for students to work in In progress
(Nearing completion)

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