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We have loads of societies here at Heriot-Watt.


Sustainability Society

We focus on fostering discussion of a wide variety of environmental topics with opportunity to participation in local, regional, and global environmental campaigns. We offer a forum for the discussion of environmental issues looking at issues across scales and around the world. Meetings encourage debate focusing on issues of environmental sustainability, but given it is linked to social justice and many more issues the discussions are often wide ranging. Most significantly we ask for participants to become active citizens, taking ownership and enacting change in the fight to address our generation’s greatest challenge.

Feel free to get in touch with us through our facebook page!

To find out more about this Society, please contact:

President - Tim Elliott

Society Members Wanted

If you have a new Society you would like to start up, you can put a notice up here to get people interested in setting it up with you!  Email the Activties Coordinator at


🏒The Urbanist Society will be network of urban planners, designers, architects, urbanists, sociologist and anyone with an opinion about how the future of the city, and place-making, should be. Set up by Urban Planners, but intentionally a broad scope for a society, we wish to include urbanists across different creative and technical professions with the aim to create a platform for joined-up thinking about enhancing cities and towns across the world.

We will  organise social events, trips, conferences and other activities of your choice. Our group aims to be a platform for members to engage with urbanism, create projects and make a difference. If you want to help build Heriot-Watt's first urbanism society, then message Timon ( to sign up today! πŸ’

πŸ’Ό The Business-Negotiation Society is now recruiting! Join in with our fun business role-playing game which is a mix between Debating and The Apprentice. For more information, please contact Jinyuan at πŸ’Ό

β˜• Hey there, this is the Coffee Society. We're all about great specialty coffee, a world of fantastic hot beverages! We are open to everyone from those who've never made coffee before to professional baristas!

Our plan is to host loads of coffee events including brewing workshops, coffee tastings, outings and talks. Our first is scheduled for early November, a session to teach everyone how to brew amazing coffee at home without expensive machines and equipment - just in time for exam revision season!

Please find us on facebook, and fill in our member survey to register your interest!

Alternatively, contact Dillon ( for more info. β˜•

🍲 Tired of takeout and ready meals? Love food but never learned how to cook? Or are you a foodie who wants to meet like-minded people?

Join the Culinary Society to learn all the skills necessary to be your own chef! With planned sessions and practical classes ranging from the basic to the advanced, no matter your skill level, there will be something for you!

If you're keen to develop your inner masterchef, drop an email to Javin at πŸ²

πŸ“· Fancy meeting fellow Watt photographers and developing your photography and editing skills? No matter your skill level, all are welcome to join our exciting new Photography Society! We are planning on meeting regularly and will be hosting several events and activities throughout the year. 

For more information contact Murray at or join our Facebook group: πŸ“· 

β™ž Will you be our knight in shining armour? We're looking to start a Chess Society at Heriot Watt! It doesn't matter if you play at a competitive level or you're a beginner willing to learn a few chess tricks - meet other chess fanatics and play.  Message Rachel at to join. Checkmate! β™ž


Or you would like to try it and see what you can do? Join our new Arts & Crafts Society!

We are planning on meeting once a week, in the early evening, and then staying for as long as we feel creative!

Contact Vanessa at or have a look at our Facebook group for more information: πŸŽ¨

πŸ“‘ Bible Reading Society - The Greeks call it the "book", or biblos. It is the bestselling book of all time, worldwide. Our society welcomes anyone and everyone interested in reading the Bible, whatever your level of study and whatever background you are from. Come to read and delve into this classic text with us! Contact Younee for more ( πŸ“‘

πŸ’¬ The Politics Society is for anyone and everyone with an interest in Politics, be that world, UK or even if you just want to know a bit more about Politics. Everyone is welcome to come along. We will meet once a week at different bars and pubs across the city, exploring Edinburgh whilst sharing an interest in Politics. We also arrange special events throughout the year such going to talks by prominent figures in Politics and trips to London to see Parliament. Speak to Harry ( to join! πŸ’¬

πŸ‚ Do you skateboard or want to learn? Want to skate with a group of students? Then join the skating society. We're are looking for people to join our club who are interested in learning to skate or have been skating for years.  Send an email to Sam at if you're interested. πŸ‚