Reading and Writing Society

We are a friendly group who enjoy reading books and writing stories.

Our society is centred on literature - either reading or writing. Entirely in text, laid on top of images? Maybe even in a text box on a screen. If you can call it literature, it's well within our reaches. In the end, though, we're a laid back society. We share a common interest in literature, and want to provide a space for similar people to feel comfortable and engage with others.

In good news, in person meetings and events have returned! However, as excited as we are for actually seeing people in person we are still in plague times and so there are some new rules in place.

For the sake of safety of all of our members we ask that everyone attending in person events is either fully vaccinated or has taken a covid test and received a negative result. Free LFD covid tests are available to everyone in Scotland (they can be collected from a pharmacy, testing centre or even delivered home) and all the information about them and how to order them can be found here: Of course if you have any covid symptoms please do not come and follow the NHS guidance.

When it comes to place and time of the meetings, we will keep you updated via both this website and our Facebook group, which can be found somewhere (or multiple somewheres?) on this page. We also have a discord (you can join via this link - where we can chat, vote on books for the book club or events.

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