Why join our FTO team?

We promise we don't bite!

Elections are coming up and we need you to get involved to make change happen! You might be thinking, why bother? We have three quick and simple reasons why you should join our team as a Full Time Officer this year!

  • Throughout the year you get to implement real change and improvement at Heriot-Watt
  • It’s a great way to improve your confidence in the world of work
  • You get to meet and work with a whole host of different people

But don’t just take our word for it, our former Full Time Offers have shared why they think you should join the team:

“It always impresses people. There might only be 2-4 positions a year - a handful over a few years open to many thousands of students at a particular university. Most professionals go to university, very few make it to exec level, so it highlights that you are prepared to step forward, take decisions and responsibility, can work with people from different places... It looks great on a CV. And it gives you some top stories to tell in later life that can come in very handy at times.”

“Too many ways to mention. Leadership, stakeholder management, campaigning, governance, and a strong network for incredibly talented people.”

“I developed many vital skills such as gained confidence in public speaking, improved my report writing ability, improved my skill in expanding my network and creating meaningful relationships etc.”

“It's given me a greater appreciation for the importance of people in impacting change and awareness that nothing comes easily, the reason no one has done it before you is probably because it's hard work.”

If this sounds like something you would enjoy and you want to get involved, then head over to our Elections page where you can register interest and find out more about each specific role!


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