3 Picks for SBC Freshers

3 days to go, here is Scott's 3 recommendations for Freshers in Galashiels

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Our VP Community Scott has 3 of his best picks for the SBC Freshers week!

1. Firstly, it’s the Watt Welcome Fair it’s a great event to show what the university, Galashiels and the wider Borders community has to offer Heriot-Watt Students. In my opinion, it’s an absolute MUST!

2. Secondly, It’s the Great Gatsby night. It’s a really interesting time period to have an event around and it has been a lot of fun to plan and organise. A lot of effort has gone into this event, so I really hope you all enjoy it too!

3. Lastly, It’s the Tempest Brewery Taproom on the Saturday. You get excellent food and locally brewed beer. It’s an absolute win-win! It also kicks off a real action-packed day of fun across multiple venues across Galashiels


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