First Few Months as VPE

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Helloooo, I'm Hannah Copeland the VP Education here at Heriot-Watt University Student Union. I recently graduated with a degree in Urban Planning and Property Development (quickest 4 years of my life!) and have been a student representative throughout my time here. My favourite animal is definitely a dog, favourite food (this changes every day but right now probs sushi) and my favourite hobby is walking around Edinburgh listening to a podcast. Anyway, enough about me and on to the important stuff! 

Priorities for this Year: 

It's been so long since I wrote my manifesto but here are the key points I want to work on for this year. Since being in the role I've become aware of a range of different issues and areas to work on so I will be working on my manifesto alongside a bunch of other important issues!  

1. Increasing support for students.

2. Improving the feedback system throughout the University. 

3. Working on making education more inclusive and accessible. 

I can't wait to meet the amazing School Officers and Class Reps soon and discuss how we can work together this year to achieve these goals and represent the student body! 

What I've Been Up To: 

As VP Education I sit on a looooot of university committees, meetings and working groups, and represent the student voice in those spaces. This involves presenting reports and policy changes, negotiating with the University and speaking up for students. In the Union we are constantly reminded that we represent 10,000 students so before I go into every University space, I remind myself of this!

I have been working with the University all summer to prepare for students returning. Some of the things I've been working on include working with the Canvas project team to ensure the new VLE is student focused, working on making the mitigating circumstances system more accomodating and having discussions about how RBL (Responsive Blended Learning) will work this academic year. 

Outside of meetings I've been up to some fun things as well (not that University meetings aren't fun). The FTO's and I got our hands dirty and painted our office - here's Frankie (VP Wellbeing) and I painting!  

Our lovely Deputy Vice-Principal John Sawkins dropped of some of his son’s GBBO winner Peter Sawkins’ gingerbread houses for the FTOs! Here’s me ecstatic about this infamous gingerbread house!  








And then it was the start of semester!  

I'm so excited to meet some of you this year! I work full-time in the Student Union so feel free to say hi if youre passing! 

Lots of love,  

Hannah x  


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