TEAM ESTEEM - Nominated as Engineering Soc of the Year

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Team ESTEEM (Solar Decathalon Society) are one of the two Heriot-Watt societies nominated as Engineering Society of the Year at the Engineering Talent Awards. We asked them how they managed it:

Despite the curveball of a year that was 2020, with the help of social campaigns and panels, we managed to have a tremendous impact on our followers.

This year, we have not only managed to create awareness about the technical aspects of our house, but we have also been able to raise awareness of important sustainable topics by running campaigns like our plastic-free week and vegan week. As well as that, we ran panels and workshops to spread the message of a greener construction industry. Team ESTEEM is also collaborating with COYO(Class of Your Own), in which pupils design the ESTEEM Pavillon and we had the opportunity to look at the innovative design they created.

Team ESTEEM believe that sharing knowledge is essential to better understand sustainable strategy. Therefore, soon we will be launching a podcast named Vision to expand our low carbon message to everyone. 

We have also set a Strava campaign where we invited people to join us in our journey from Edinburgh to Dubai; the idea was to run/walk/cycle the same distance. We gathered nearly 60 people in our endeavour and were featured in Edinburgh News for promoting a healthy lifestyle in terms of both physical and mental health and for raising awareness about environmental issues.  

Our Team ESTEEM campaigns are connected to our slogan, “Pride in where and how we live”. We will continue spreading the word about sustainability and innovation. 

Solar Decathlon Society gathers more than 100 students and constantly invites others to join and learn based on a real-life project. People have a chance to learn about technical details of construction projects, negotiation skills, collaboration in a multi-national and multidisciplinary project, and sustainable housing. The society constantly enlarges its outreach and impacts more people. Most importantly, ESTEEM creates a hub for collaboration for students and companies and brings real-life improvement to the construction industry.  

Our Society and Team ESTEEM is not only sharing the message of sustainability with our team members. We also spread the message to the university and the companies that are working closely with us. We had completed deliverables and house designs focused on innovation around renewables, software, structural, and construction. We have created panels, workshops, and talks about sustainability, indoor air quality, sick buildings, and more. In addition to that, we created a campaign during lockdown that shows contributions to the team's wellbeing, such as workout routines and Destination Dubai, in which team members exercised indoor and outdoor.   

Find out more or join the society here!


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