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Don't wait until you're halfway into your degree to get involved - join one of our amazing societies straight away and get stuck in!

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University life is definitely not all work and no play. You’re going to find yourself with a nice bit of free time in your first year, even if your degree is lecture or lab intensive.

More importantly, it’s essential for your mental health that you find a balance between work and play. Joining a society is a great way to broaden your horizons, meet likeminded people and have some fun.

We have an endless list of societies here at Heriot-Watt*. (*list may actually have an end, but there's a bunch, you get the idea!). Some of our societies might be related to things you're already interested or involved in. Where better to find people you already have a lot in common with? Some of these groups might be activity-based, like Airsoft & Paintball or Drama, but we've also got Cultural and Faith-based societies like our Indian SocietyChristian Union, and Muslim Society. As well as our diversity-based societies, including LGBT+ Society and Watt Women in STEM.

We're also home to a ton of Academic societies! Who better to help you settle into your new course than students who have been in your shoes? Don't worry, these societies aren't exclusive to students who study the courses; you can always get involved in the Brewing Society if you're interested in finding out more about beer! Or the Business Management Society if you need help with your side-hustle.

Don't stick to the things you're comfortable with - university is the time to broaden your horizons and grow as a person. Plus, think about when you go looking for a job. Employers are much more likely to hire someone who has evidence of extracurricular activities. Societies don't only provide you with a community and network of friends but they also help you learn a bunch of REALLY important skills from the events, training, and activities they run throughout the year. Plus, if you're part of a society's committee, you can log the hours you spend volunteering, and they'll be added to your academic transcript! You might even be eligible for an award!

Ok, so you've read the list of societies, and it feels like something is missing. GREAT! All you need is 9 other people like you who want to do, make, play, build, fundraise and you can set up your own society. We've had a Garlic Bread Appreciate Society in the past, so the only limit is your imagination! We'll even help fund your society 

Make sure you come along to our Freshers Fair/Watt Welcome Fair on Friday the 10th September and say hello. Most societies allow you to join for the first month for free so sign up. Take a chance and see what they're like - you never know, maybe you're a champion Chess player, a masterful Magician, or a daring Debator.


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