What to bring to Uni

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Freshers is fast approaching! It might be a little premature to start packing your bags now, but it's definitely time to start giving it a thought. You don't need to raid Ikea but it might be an idea to pop out there; use it is an excuse to get some meatballs! Remember you're coming to halls for a year, not moving to the moon permanently, so don't go overboard.

So, what should definitely be in your suitcase for university?

Alarm clock

If your phone dies in the middle of the night it isn't going to wake you up for your morning lectures. An alarm clock could save you a lot of trouble! 

Bank account details

Try and set up a student current account before you arrive. You'll get a whole range of benefits, some even give you free Railcards, etc. If you use a card reader for setting up new payments and direct debits, don’t forget to bring it!

Bed Linen

Nothing makes you feel better than lying in your own sheets.

Bottle Opener

You'll be the legend at pres with this handy item. Even better, a bottle opener keyring is always convenient and it definitely is safer than using your teeth!. You never know, you may even find free ones at the Freshers Fair.


We all love our smartphones and laptops so don't forget your chargers!

Chewing Gum

With all the people you’re going to meet, it’s nice to have fresh breath. Also, what better icebreaker than to offer someone you’ve just met a piece?

Clothes Hangers

How else are you going to hang your clothes?

Coffee (or tea)

If that’s more your, um, cup of tea. A nice hot drink might wake you up in the morning and keep you awake when writing your reports. It’s also nice to make a cuppa with a flatmate if you’re both at a loose end.


Don't be silly, wrap your willy; make no mistake, cover your snake. If you do meet that special someone in Freshers Week, or after, make sure you stay safe. Free condoms are available through the Advice Hub's C-Card service.

Cooking Stuff

A couple of pots and pans, frying pans and baking trays should do you well.


You'll only have a cupboard or two in your kitchen so don't bring your 4 piece dining set. A couple of plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, knives, forks and spoons should be fine.


Don't forget all the important pieces like your offer of accommodation, your course acceptance letter and your student loan/financing confirmation.


Keep your door open on the first day at least!

Dressing Gown

Be the envy of everyone when there’s an early morning fire alarm and you’re in your snuggly dressing gown.

Extension Cable

You might be lucky and have a plug next to your bed for charging your phone, but more likely it'll be in a really inconvenient place. Make sure you can always get a charge with an extension cable.

Flags and Jerseys

If you’re coming from overseas or from down the road, flags are a great decoration for your room. They’re also particularly useful when your home team is playing!


If you're lucky your parents will take you for a food shop before or after you check into halls! Make sure you stock up on student essentials like pasta, baked beans, eggs, Pot Noodles, etc.


If you want to listen to music or a movie in peace (or don't want to disturb your flatmates).


Make sure you have a passport or a provisional/full driver’s licence with you. Edinburgh is pretty strict with ID and you'll need this for places serving alcohol. You'll also need this for registering as a student with the university.


Incredibly useful to have. Laptops save you from going to the library to find a computer, let you go paperless in tutorials/lectures (most slides tend to go online) and give you something to Netflix and chill on.


Some paracetamol and other cold/flu remedies will be useful when those hangovers strike! Don't forget any other medication you usually take too! There is a Health Centre on the Edinburgh campus as well for anything else.

Memo Board

Having a dry erase memo board for the kitchen can come in handy when keeping track of whose turn it is to put out the bins, who needs to buy the next pint of milk, and can even be used to keep track of each other's phone numbers during Freshers Week too!

National Insurance Number

This will be handy if you decide to apply for a part-time job. Have to pay for those nights out somehow!

Plants, photos and Posters

Some photos of friends and family from back home will help make your room feel more personal. If you're sticking anything to the wall just make sure you don't leave a mark! (WhiteTack works wonders!) Something green will also help improve the air quality in your room and help you concentrate!


Some pads of paper and pens are a good place to start.

Stuff to share on day one: Whether that's a crate of beer or some biscuits (or a marker pen, as my flatmate offered me) - bring something along to dish out to your new flatmates and say hello!

Toastie Maker

Toasties are a student’s best friend. You can pretty much put anything in a toastie maker and they're cheap to make. Share with your flatmates and they’ll love you even more.

Toilet Roll

There's none provided when you move in! Don't get caught short.


Again, these are not included so bring a few along with you. Your roommates won't appreciate you air-drying in the kitchen!

Washing Powder/Tablets

You'll have to do some laundry eventually when that big pile of clothes mounts up in your room!

Washing Up Liquid

Between you and your flatmates, you’ll probably end up with at least five bottles, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Last but not least

?You. Might be an obvious one, but you don't want to miss Freshers Week, so make sure you're following us on Social Media so you know what's happening and when!

...better start packing up the car then?


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