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We know the quality of your learning is not what you expected or wanted to pay for - that's why we are committed to doing everything we can. Read how, and how YOU can help too in this article!

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Student places coin into graduation cap. Text reads "Tuition fees, Keeping U Involved".

This year has been like none other. It feels like the whole world has been turned on its head and every part of our lives has changed. Most importantly, our learning has changed dramatically. Students across the country have voiced their concerns about being charged the same tuition fees as a normal year, even when they’re learning online for the most part. We know the quality of your learning is not what you expected or wanted to pay for.

Your Full-Time Officers worked with other officers in Scotland to sign a letter calling on the government to provide more funding to Universities to better support students and to reduce fees. Emily and Alex also submitted a motion to Parliament for the Union to lobby for reducing tuition fees given all the changes we’ve seen this year. We know how important this issue is to you and we are committed to doing everything we can.

If you’re keen to get involved, check out NUS’s Students Deserve Better Campaign and support the campaign. Want to be involved more directly? Email your MSPs calling on them to act to better support students. Raise the issues everywhere you can and together we can achieve real change for everyone.



You should be seeing changes in your courses with workload. If you’re not seeing these changes, or feel more needs to be done, remember to raise these issues with your Class Reps and School Officer so we can help fix them! Find out more here.


Our applications for our elections are open now! You could be the next President or Student MP representing student issues here, around campus at Heriot-Watt. 
Activism happens at all levels and we need you to help here. As Heriot-Watt students, you're already qualified just apply!


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