The one about Essay Mills

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Essay mills are organisations that sell pieces of academic writing (essays, dissertations, exam papers etc) to students. They often also offer other services such as revision notes and proofreading, which can make them harder to spot. While using their services might seem like a good idea (saving time and effort for reasonable amounts of money), it is highly unethical and not worth the trouble. Plagiarism and contract cheating, i.e. paying someone to do your work, is a serious disciplinary issue. It may result in your courses being voided, marks being capped and in certain cases, expulsion from the University with no degree. In certain countries, essay mills have been known to blackmail students and extort money from them (pay us or we will tell your university who wrote your essay). 

If you are struggling with your academic writing, please talk to your personal tutor or check out the Library Skills Hub - they have loads of great resources to help you improve! 

If you have any questions or issues relating to essay mills, please reach out to our Advice Hub ( for help. This is a confidential service, so you will not get into trouble for disclosing information. You can also check out university guidance here


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