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Man studies at a laptop: text reads "Studying Online; keeping U focused".

Responsive Blended Learning has completely changed the way students study this year. Responsive to the changing environment we’re in, it allows course teams to adjust their teaching to suit the needs of their students. It also means that the majority of you are now learning in a more self-studying environment. We recognised that this is quite new and that more needed to be done to support your learning. If you're still adjusting, don't worry - week 6 is THE window of time you can use to catch up.

As part of the workload and wellbeing report that the Union presented to the University, we made it clear that more support on self-studying was required. The FTO team worked with the Effective Learning Advisers in Information Services and the Learning & Teaching Academy to produce a dedicated space on the IS Skills Hub around studying online. It's filled with great videos, tips and tools where you’ll find everything you need to build key skills for self-studying!

One of the Effective Learning Advisers, Rachel Whittington, also worked with us on an Enhancement Lecture last semester to talk about study skills and how you can make the most effective use of your time. The session was even recorded - check it out here!

We raised that the reading lists were difficult to navigate and felt overwhelming, so course teams have been instructed to remove the extra bits and make it clear what is required reading and what is there for more information. Your reading lists should be much more manageable this semester!

Check out the dedicated study resources here


If you’re not seeing these changes in your course or feel more needs to be done, remember to raise these issues with your Class Reps and School Officer so we can help fix them! Find out more here.


Our applications for our elections are open now! You could be the next President or Student MP representing student issues here, around campus at Heriot-Watt. 
Activism happens at all levels and we need you to help here. As Heriot-Watt students, you're already qualified just apply!




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