Society Spotlight Week: New Societies

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We’re always on the lookout for new societies to expand our student community. 

Last year, we had 20(!!!) new societies start with the Student Union. These groups ranged from Airsoft and Paintball Society to Robotics Society and everything in-between. Our list is always growing. 

Why start a society? 

Essentially, to find more people like you and get even more students involved in societies. 

By broadening what societies we have, we reach even more students, including people who haven’t been part of societies before.  

Societies have access to room bookings in the Student Union and University, a swish email address and get expert guidance from our Activities Coordinator.  

Being a society committee member gives you impressive experience for your CV too: you can log volunteer hours which go on your transcript when you graduate, have access to our Enhancement Lectures and other exclusive training.  

And, you’ll get that real nice fuzzy feeling from setting something up and helping others find their people. 

What do I need? 

We’ve tried to keep society set-up as simple as possible.  

Here’s what you need: 

  • An idea for a society we don’t have already 

  • 10 interested students (or just 5 students at the Scottish Borders Campus)

  • 1 President, 1 Treasurer, 1 other Committee Member 

  • An affiliation form (email

How do I affiliate my new society? 

Once the form’s complete, it’ll go to our next Societies Council meeting where you pitch your society to other society representatives and they vote to approve your society. Once that’s done, you’ve got yourself an official and exciting new society!

For more information, see 

Check out our LIVE Q+A about New Societies on Wednesday 8th July, 12-1pm. Click here to join the Teams Meeting.


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