International Men's Day

Be there for your mate, this International Men's Day!

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Be there for your mate this International Men's Day!

We know it can be hard to know who to speak to when you’re having a tough time, or what to say when a friend needs support.

If you are not sure where to start or struggle to know what you can say to your mate, you could start by using ALEC, it's four simple steps that will allow you to talk to a mate who may be struggling.

A – Ask, start by asking how they feel. Mention any habits or changes you are worried about. An example could be "You haven’t seemed yourself lately – are you feeling OK?"

L – Listen, Give him full attention! Don’t just hear them, listen! Acknowledge that they may have felt this way for some time.

E – Encourage Action – Try help him focus on simple things like sleep, exercise, eating? Previous actions that helped in the past? Suggest that he shares his thoughts and feelings with others he trusts if not a doctor. This can make things easier for both of you.

C – Check in, keep up with them if you can, don’t just have a one-off conversation. Meet-up, call, drop a message.

Most importantly, be there for your mate!

The ALEC model was created by R U OK? For more information on the model, simply click here. 

Additionally, we’ve pulled together a list of charities who are there to help and support men no matter what.

If you need ANY help or know a man who does, please use these!

You COULD save a life.

Mental Health, Suicide and Depression

Domestic Abuse

Sexual Violence


Father / Family Courts



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