Finding Your People

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One of the best things about University is that it’s a chance to reinvent yourself. You’re probably moving away from home and entering an entirely new environment. Settling in and looking for new friends can be daunting and awkward. But just remember, you’re all in the same boat! That’s what makes it so easy to make friends, everybody’s looking for them!

In the beginning, you’ll be telling people your name, what your course is, and where you’re from over a thousand times. It’s so simple but it’s a great way to break the ice.

Relax, and remember these tips on how to get meeting new people when you arrive.


Say Hello

Just do it! Jump right in! Don’t be afraid to say hi to everybody you come across. Whether you’re waiting in the queue to get your Freshers Pass, in your induction class or moving into your new halls – get chatting to people and find some common ground with them. If you hit it off then add them on Facebook or swap numbers for WhatsApp so you can keep in touch later on and arrange to meet up.


In Halls

Prop open your door while you’re unpacking your stuff so your new neighbours know you’re in. Invite them in to see your room or offer to lend them a hand with unpacking. Arrange to have some well-earned drinks in your halls lounge after all the hard work of moving in!


If people in your corridor/flat haven’t adopted the open door system; go and knock on their door and introduce yourself. It gest easier after the greetings are out of the way!


But I’m not Living in Halls!

It might seem like it at first, but not everybody is living in halls! Every student at Heriot-Watt is a member of the Student Union so you’re invited to all our Freshers events on campus too. You also become a member of our 'virtual hall' called Fiona Watson so you won't miss out on any of the events. Just make sure you make an extra effort to participate in events and get chatting to people!


Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s Week is naturally a great way to meet new people with all the various events happening day and night. If you’re quite the extrovert, you’re in luck but if you’re not feeling it one night, a quiet night in is definitely allowed!

If you have to miss Fresher’s Week, don’t worry because you’ll get to catch up with everybody once the semester starts. With society events and different elective class-groups, you’ll be making friends just as quick.


Buddy Up

All you need is just one person you get along with – maybe you’ll meet them in halls, or during your course induction. From there the two of you can go to events together, and bring each other when you’re invited to things. Ta-da – your social circle has expanded!

They’re also a very welcome face when you’re late to a lecture and you need to know where to sit!


Your Course

You are obviously coming to university to study! Your course will give you a great opportunity to meet people who are into the same things as you. Tutorials and lectures are a great way to get chatting to people, so make that effort on day one. There are also opportunities for group work in a lot of courses; which is a great chance to work together.


Get Involved

It’s not all deadlines and lectures! You’ll have more free time than you realise so fill it with fun, exciting or rewarding activities!

Clubs and societies are a brilliant way explore new or existing interests. And you get to meet new people who you already have stuff in common with! Check out our current list of societies here and keep an eye out for their first session so you can pop along. Can’t make it? Message or email the society about wanting to come along – they’ll be happy to have you!

If sport is more your scene, then check out the Sports Union clubs on offer. Try a taster session or develop your favourite sport.

It’s understandable if all the new people tire you out or leave you feeling overwhelmed so find a balance that works for you. You’ll pick up friends either way!


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