Brexit & The Suspension of Parliament

We are in the midst of a national democratic crisis.


Students, young people, and many other communities across Great Britain and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit in any form. Following yesterday’s news of the suspension of Parliament, we currently have an unelected Prime Minister dragging the nation towards the most extreme version of Brexit possible.


Boris Johnson has forced the closure of the British Parliament in order to press ahead with a vision of the country that is neither economically sensible nor supported by the young voters who will inherit the problems of a No Deal Brexit.


The right to freedom of movement for British nationals is guaranteed by the European Union.

However, imminently, you and your fellow students, both EU and British, face crashing out of the EU with complete uncertainty surrounding issues that include immigration rights, ERASMUS, and border controls. This means the right to return home to see family and friends, the right to work and study in any EU country, and the ability to celebrate cultures with shared values in democracy and liberty all being halted within a matter of weeks.


The outcome of this departure from the EU will also result in particularly difficult consequences for students from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As things stand, this is one of the most controversial issues surrounding any Brexit movement as The Good Friday Agreement, a cornerstone of peace on the island of Ireland, fundamentally cannot be honoured under a No Deal Brexit.


Regardless of your stance during the 2016 European Union Referendum, you and your representatives have a right to challenge the Government on the issues of the day. There is still time before Parliament is suspended and for your voice to be heard. A proroguing of Parliament and an implementation of a No Deal Brexit under these terms is no longer an attempt to “restore” British sovereignty – rather a subversion of it.


The Student Union and the University are working in partnership to make sure EU students are kept informed of their rights regarding their ability to work and study in EU countries. We will provide EU students with information and support around the EU settlement scheme in the weeks to come.


We would like to invite you to come to the Union building on Wednesday 18th September at 12pm to discuss how you can be involved in our protest and lobbying of Brexit and related issues.


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