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Body positivity in the pursuit of sport

Love U for U!

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L O V E  U  F  O  R  U 

This instalment of our Body Positivity series is written by Ellie Kemsley

"When you're watching sport on the TV, there is not one person that looks like the next, there are no 'carbon copies' of players - everyone is different!

From footballers, swimmers, hockey players, archery, each sport and each individual is different. When you want to play football like Messi or play tennis like Serena Williams, you're aiming for their physical skill, their focus and drive - not their abs or their waistline! Before I used to focus on how exercise can make me look, running to lose calories or working out to have abs.

Now, after playing sport in a team and growing as an individual I have realised that I now workout and play sport for the feeling! The post-match buzz with the team after a win or how good I feel after a workout, and if a social media defined 'nice' body comes after that - well that is a bonus! All bodies are nice, all bodies are beautiful and strong! Lets change the mindset of what you're supposed to look like and focus on how you want to FEEL!"

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