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This instalment of our Body Positivity series is written by Annie Robinson.

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L O V E  U  F  O  R  U 

This instalment of our Body Positivity series is written by Annie Robinson.

"When you are on the court, pitch or in the pool, you will beat your opponent by being stronger physically, mentally and strategically. Not if your waist is thinner than theirs, how flabby or degree of muscly your arms are or if your legs jiggle. My body was BUILT FOR PURPOSE, and if that purpose of sprinting up and down the court means my legs become bigger with muscle to outrun my opposition, sign me the hell up!!

In sport, your team and coach want you to be the best player you can be, they don’t care what you look like externally, if it helps the team then it’s a good thing! Focus on how you can better your body for the benefit of your team, or yourself in you compete individually. Serena Williams is one of my role models, the best tennis player of all time, and one of the best athletes of all time. Take a look at her physique, it is unlike any of her competitors. When she burst on the tennis scene, and still to this day her body is criticised for being ‘too muscular’ or ‘too curvy’ or ‘too manly’ etc etc etc. Do you think she lets that phase her? NO SHE’S THE G.O.A.T!! 

Sport has taught me that there is not one ‘ideal’ body type for an athlete. If you have a body and play sports, boom, an athletic body. We should thank our bodies for allowing us to fly for those intercepts and hit those 3’s, not criticising it because our waists have rolls!! Sport has instilled a positive mental image surrounding my body, for which I will be forever thankful. It’s now up to us to instill that same positive mental attitude in the younger generation. Our bodies are phenomenal, so treat them as such!"


We know that some of these topics are difficult to talk about and can be very triggering. If you feel affected in any way by any of these features, please reach out to one of the following for support: 

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