Friends standing all wearing face masks

Nervous? Masking for a friend

Any questions? Just mask!

Getting Around Edinburgh

Bus, tram, train, we've got it all!

A suitcase with the items a trip packed

What to bring to Uni

Here's what not to forget!

Drinking Hard or Hardly Drinking

Who knew alcohol was for more than just hand sanitiser?

The Good Flatmate Guide

Be the kind of flatmate you'd want to live with. And PLEASE stop leaving your dirty dishes in the sink.

GET INVOLVED - Societies

Don't wait until you're halfway into your degree to get involved - join one of our amazing societies straight away and get stuck in!

Making friends and finding your people

You're about to meet so many new people, try and remember their names!

Being away from home

Feeling nervous about being away from the comforts of home? Here's our advice!

Living in Halls!

You're moving in soon, so what can you expect?

Getting to know our Campuses!

Excited about starting University soon? Find out what's waiting for you on-campus!

Freshers Week 2020

We're working hard to put on another fantastic Freshers Week!


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