Conducting Academic Research workshop

Hosted by Heriot-Watt University Student Union

Wed 05 Apr 2023 11:00 - Fri 07 Apr 2023 15:00


The Heriot-Watt Introductory Academic Program (HWIAP) prepares you for studying at Heriot-Watt university by introducing you to the academic culture and self-directed study style you'll need at Heriot-Watt University. Workshops focus on understanding the academic culture of the university and expectations of your lecturers, and developing your Academic English language and study skills, so that you can confidently engage with the reading, writing and research tasks you will undertake in your chosen field of study.

Sessions this week:

05-Apr Wednesday 1100 MBG13 Conducting Academic Research 
06-Apr Thursday 1600 WP110 Conducting Academic Research 
07-Apr Friday 1300 PG304 Conducting Academic Research 
07-Apr Friday 1400 PG304 Conducting Academic Research