Interview with Waterhaul Cofounder Harry Dennis

Hosted by Ocean Conservation Society

Wed 03 November 2021 11:00-12:00

@hwuocean Instagram Live

Make sure to join us on the 3rd of November on @hwuocean and @hwunion Instagram page 11am for a LIVE chat with @waterhaul_co founder Harry Dennis about harmful fishing subsidies, ghost gear, bycatch, and of course, the very positivist approach that Waterhaul has taken to contribute to solving such issues through their products! 

As a result of frustration surrounding the ever-growing issue of discarded fishing gear, the most abundant and harmful form  of plastic pollution, Harry has worked to remove endless amounts of fishing nets from Cornish beaches and coves, transforming this waste into new products.

“Waterhaul’s mission is to turn this waste into a resource. Fishing nets are made from incredibly high-quality plastic - they’re an obvious choice for recycling. We want to create demand for this unique material, so nets don’t end up abandoned in our oceans.”