Friday Classes

Friday Classes

Hosted by Pole Dance Society

Fri 19 November 2021 17:30-18:30

Meeting Room 1, Heriot-Watt Student Union

This is our Friday Block of Classes led by our instructor Mirela. These classes will be 6 weeks long starting from 7th (Thursday) October and then being held every friday starting from the following week till 12th November!

To be exact, the class dates are as follows:

  • 7th (Thursday) October 
  • 15th (Friday) October
  • 22nd (Friday) October
  • 29th (Friday) October
  • 5th (Friday) November
  • 12th (Friday) November

These classes do not require any prior fitness, strength or flexibility level. We understand that we are probably your first ever exposure to pole so we tailor the classes completely around our members so please come along!


Be sure to bring a towel, some comfy sports clothing for you to wear during class and some water! 


This block of classes costs £36 (that's £6 for a class!), if you are interested don't be shy and email us, dm us on instagram or facebook and we can sort out a spot for you in the class. Don't forget that you also need to be a member to attend these classes, you can purchase our membership on the union website on our page but if you're having any issues please just message us and we will sort something out.


We also ask all participating members to arrive a few minutes before class as missing out on stretches at the beginning of class will not make it possible for you to join the class, this is not personal, it is just for your own safety. 


Our email:

Facebook/Instagram: hwpoledancesoc