Candidate for the position of Student Union Vice President Education

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Molly Knight

I could be your Knight in shining armour!

1. What would you bring to the role? 

Hello, I'm Molly! I'm friendly and approachable, so students could talk to me about anything in this role! I have experience representing students as EGIS School MP, and in two societies as Vice President and Social Secretary. So have had the chance to develop skills in leadership, time management, and teamwork! Most importantly I want to do the best I can for all students throughout the university!

2. What three things should the VP Education act on in the next academic year?

  • Improve feedback.
  • Making blended learning work for you.
  • Make your voices heard.

3. What specific aims and goals do you have for enhancing the student experience?

  • Improve feedback
    • Feedback within three weeks
    • Making mitigating circumstances clearer
    • Ensuring consistency within feedback
    • Set up a student portal to ask for clarification on specific feedback
    • Increase the student voice within the feedback system
  • Making blended learning work for you
    • Ensuring flexibility for all students
    • Making the universities stance on covid precautions clear
    • Online drop-in sessions for students
    • Work closely with the disabled student’s society to ensure no one is struggling
    • Ensure the spreading of deadlines
  • Making your voices heard
    • Provide an anonymous portal to voice any concerns
    • Regular drop-ins for all students
    • Increase the communication between class reps and school officers
    • Ensure there is a unified student voice across the university
    • Provide regular surveys so students can voice concerns or issues

4. Where can I find out more about your campaign?

  • You can find me on Instagram: @molly_for_vpe
  • Drop me an email at:
  • Message me on teams too; my username is mk161