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Your Union Space 
Tell us what you want from your Union building. A refurb or a new building? 

It's been a while since our building opened (1991) and a lot has changed since then. The student population has increased and the need of today's modern student have changed dramatically.

That's why we want to know if you think we should 
A) Refurbish our existing home 
B) Seek a new building

💡 What's happening:
A focus group will be held with selected survey participants w/c 15/5

Closed feedback

Food price rises in university catering outlets -
: Find out what we've done for you

We recently delivered a petition to the University and had a meeting with the Principal calling on them to reinstate student pricing in their catering outlets. We've got great news...they've agreed! Thank you to everyone who signed our petition. 

"The continued increase in Heriot-Watt University’s food supplier prices throughout 2016 resulted in some price increases in 2017. 

The university has been listening to our student feedback on these prices and will be reintroducing a new student price band."

- Malcom Dean, Director of Campus Services 

✅ What's happening:
Feedback for this campaign is now closed.

You Said We Did

Visit 'You Said We Did' to see some of the changes we've made to your Student Union following your feedback

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Come along and speak to your sabbatical officers about anything that's on your mind.

Change One Thing
If you could Change One Thing about Heriot-Watt what would it be? Visit Change One Thing to submit your 'change' and receive a response. 

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