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Your Union Space 
Tell us what you want from your Union building. A refurb or a new building? 


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Problems in the new halls 
We're on it

The new halls of residence on campus haven't exactly got off to a smooth start...

Are you living in the new halls (Anna Macleod, Mary Ferguson and Muriel Spark)? Then read on...

Whilst it's great the University is building new accommodation and in theory, the new accommodation should be nice and shiny...there have been lots of teething problems with the new halls.

What we think

  • The University should be held accountable for the unacceptable conditions you have faced in the new halls 
  • We understand that many students are not satisfied with the £25 Tesco Gift Voucher offered by the University as compensation 

What we've done

  • Your Student Union has been negotiating with the University to get you compensation 
  • Speaking to students affected in the new halls to build a picture of what's going on

What's happening now

  • We're compiling a report to document the problems with the new halls so that we can collectively negotiate a compensation deal for you. 
  • We're using the evidence you've all submitted to present a strong report to the university.
  • We'll update you in due course 

I want to be more involved in helping the Union with this

  • Please let Polly know in your e-mail
  • Spread this message with people in your halls. 

The deadline for evidence has now passed. But you can still e-mail with any photos/videos you may have of problems in your halls. 

Closed feedback

Food price rises in university catering outlets -
: Find out what we've done for you

We recently delivered a petition to the University and had a meeting with the Principal calling on them to reinstate student pricing in their catering outlets. We've got great news...they've agreed! Thank you to everyone who signed our petition. 

"The continued increase in Heriot-Watt University’s food supplier prices throughout 2016 resulted in some price increases in 2017. 

The university has been listening to our student feedback on these prices and will be reintroducing a new student price band."

- Malcom Dean, Director of Campus Services 

You Said We Did

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