Welcome to the new look HWUnion Website

Posted 1 Weeks Ago

Wow, welcome to our new look, revamped website! We hope you enjoy taking a look around and seeing what has changed, but aside from that we thought we would make use of this new Union Updates Blog to post some of the major changes you might notice.

New Style

First of all, there is the new style. It's not too dissimilar to the last website, but this one is far cleaner and neater. Initial comments have all been really positive, with people saying it looks far better - so we hope you will think the same.

Mobile Friendly

This new site is also now "Mobile Friendly" meaning that when you switch from your desktop to your tablet or smartphone, the site scales nicely so that it fits on to your device. No more having to zoom in and scroll around to read all the content.

New Navigation

Navigating around the website should also now be easier. We have a clearer navigation bar at the top of each page, with pages split up between our main areas of activity. You might aalso notice that web pages have more friendly addresses now that are easy to read - no more techno babble when you are typing in a web address!

Streamlined Content

We've done our best to reduce the amount of pages that the website has. Don't worry, the information is still there, we have just condensed it, tweaked it and compiled it to make finding the information you need much easier. As always, if you can't find what you are looking for then try the Search box at the top of each page.

People Profiles

We have also introduced new "Profiles" for our Officers and key staff members. They show who does what to make The Union work, and we will also be adding more information to these profiles over the next few weeks. Apologies for any missing photos of people - it's funny how people run a mile the minute the camera comes out!

In the Background

There is also a whole host of new features in the background of the website, meaning we are able to manage and update it far more easily.

What do you think?

As always, we love hearing your comments so let us know what you think by either emailing us Union.Marketing@hw.ac.uk or head over to Facebook or Twitter.

Learning and Teaching Oscars Winners Revealed

Posted 1 Weeks Ago

The Learning and Teaching Oscars award ceremony took place on Wednesday 14th May in the Student Union.

The winners were:

  • Switched On Award - Donna Dalgetty
  • Guiding Hand Award - Jenny Coady
  • Refreshing Award - Andrew MacLaren
  • Support Staff Award - Stuart Telford
  • Feedback Award - Fiona Jardine
  • Thinkers Award - Dave Townsend 

The Learning and Teaching also cover the Graduates Teaching Awards, which are presented to staff at the June Graduations.  

This years winners are:

  • Bruce Roberts
  • Stephen Houston
  • Jonathan Leach
  • Greg Michaelson
  • Gavin Reid
  • Nicola McGuigan
  • David Campbell
  • Jim Balfour
  • Pierre de Gioia-Carabellese
  • Mo Sherif
  • Ann McFall


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