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Welcome to the Scottish Borders Campus Students Union page!


Ok so usually I report on events after they have happened but I am buzzing for Galaween and so it seems are the rest of SBC - I have already seen costumes being made and the pictures being uploaded on Facebook! We are giving away some great prizes this year including Topshop vouchers! So either find me (Katie) to get a picture of tag http://www.facebook.com/HWUnionSBC?fref=ts in your best costume pics/best flat decorations! 


Scottish Borders Campus Open Days

We welcomed the prospective students' to Galashiels for a couple of days. Lot's of excited faces and some great questions from 16/17 year olds about to apply to University! Let's hope they all come to join us in Gala! :) 



The Best University in the World?!?!

Not quite, but not far off! Over the last few weeks Heriot-Watt had some fantastic news, We were officially voted the best University in Scotland in two seperate surveys done by final year students. We were 4th in the UK just below, Oxford, Cambridge and Bath - not a bad place to be hanging out and The School of Textiles and Design was voted best Art and Design School in Scotland.

Adding that on to The Students' Union being the best in Scotland 2012 has been a cracking year and you should all be proud to be part of an amazing institution!





Something we have traditionally not had a lot of at the Scottish Borders Campus is Sports, this being the year of the Olympics the Students' Union and the Sports Union up at Edinburgh have come together and are putting a lot of effort into helping you guys start teams! 

We had a great Sports Fair with lots of interest!

Miss the fair? Want to join some teams/start a new one?

We already have Male and Female Football Teams, Running Team, Women's Rugby Team and Coming soon Cheerleading troupe! 

Like Steph Booth's (Out Sports officers) SBC Sport page!





New Face in the Office


Have you noticed a new face in the office? Rachel Jackson is the New SBC Student Union Administrator and she would love to say hello to you all! :) 

Hello my name is Rachel, I am the student Administrator here at the Scottish Borders Campus.

It’s my job to help Katie do what she does best and give you all help and advice if you need it!

So feel free to pop in to our office anytime for a chat!


School Officers and Class Rep Training

A couple of things that go on behind the scenes is training of the students who are involved in the Union.

As a School Officer you go on a weekend away with the Edinburgh Campus Officers. It is a lot of fun but also a lot of work, the School Officers this year made plans for the rest of the year and looked at things they want to work on and change!



RE:freshers' and Our Vintage Clothes Fair

After the excitement of Freshers' Week you would have thought we would take a breather! Not at all The Christian Union hosted some fantastic events, including pudding parties and some amazing Acoustic nights with artists like Chasing Owls and some great Solo artists along side them!

We also had the wonderful people from "Greenhouse" down for a couple of days with all their lovely vintage clothes and accessories - I think everyone's accounts took a hit but there were some lovely things on sale!


A Little Timeline of the best week ever Freshers' 2012








 Freshers' Week 2012

Only 9 days until Heriot-Watt's new students arrive, the Union staff are getting super excited, it has been too quiet over the summer. 

If you wan to know more about the Scottish Borders Campus Freshers Week go to:


You can get all the up-to-date information here!

We can't wait to welcome you to Gala and have a really good week planned for you all! 


Scottish Borders Campus Graduation Ball 2012 - a night to remember!


This year we held the Graduation Ball and the beautiful Cardrona Hotel - Everyone look superb and I think the waiters agreed as well! The food and cocktails went down a treat with everyone reminiscing about their years at thr Scottish Borders Campus. The night was great with a wee bit of ceilidh dancing then some club music for the rest of the night. I think everyone would agree that a wild finishing song of Loch Lomond was the high light of the night and the full fry up and swim in the pool the next day seemed to go down a treat!




Graduation 2012


On Friday 15th June 2012, Heriot-Watt University Scottish Borders Campus Graduates went to St Johns Church in Galashiels to receive their degrees. Although it was a very wet day everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Speaking to esteemed members of Heriot-Watt I was told that our graduates always look the smartest and best dressed out of all the graduations - an achievement in itself I think! A lot of the students won some amazing awards and all the graduates seemed so proud of themselves! Well done everyone! 

It wasn't just Students recieving awards, Suzanne Marting one of the School of Textile Students recieved the Graduate Teaching award for her fantastic work with Heriot-Watt students. Suzanne was nominated by the students for this award and was truly over whelmed by the lovely comments everyone wrote, well done Suzanne!

Here are some pictures of the lovely students in all their finery!





Scottish Fashion Awards - Heriot-Watt for the win!

As most of you will have heard at this year’s Scottish Fashion Award we dominated the Fashion Graduate of the year award with 6 out of the 8 graduates nominated being final year Heriot-Watters!

Not only did we have recent graduates up for awards but we also had a lot of Alumni in various categories. Including Isolated Heroes and Obscure Couture both nominated for Young Designer of the year, William Chambers who won Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year and Colin Mcdowell who is a honorary graduate of the School of Textiles and got the Fashion Ambassador award.

The staff and the students at the event were still most excited about the Graduate of the year award and when Joanne MacGillivray won the prestigious award everyone was elated! Not only does Joanne get a placement with Marks and Spencer, her dress will be put into production for this time next year – I expect everyone to be wearing it to next year’s Graduation Ball. Also well done to David Black for getting highly commended within the category and to all the graduates up for the award – everyone will be keeping a close eye on your careers over the next few years.  

The night was great and I loved seeing the Heriot-Watt students out in force and looking amazing on the red carpet, whilst mixing with the fashion royalty.

Joanne - Winner and Coryn - Nominated - both looking fantastic on the red carpet!




 Dovecot - Fashion Show and exhibition.

All the Graduates of Heriot-Watt have been busier than ever after handing in their work and finishing their exams, whether it is applying for lots of jobs or making yourself seen and known to people in industry.

Various final year students and postgrad students were involved in the Dovecot exhibition and Fashion Show.

Your sabbaticals Katie, Laura and Mike went along to the private gallery opening and the fashion show to support the graduates. This was Mikes first professional fashion show, I think it was an eye opening experience for him.

The exhibition was a room of eye candy with beautiful, colourful designs filling every corner of the space.

 Up-stairs was the setting for the fashion show, the room is fantastic with high ceilings and a sense of grandeur. The show itself was amazing and the graduates looked so please with themselves and relieved that all the stress backstage was worth it. We went with the models and designers to the after show party and had a great night celebrating their success.

Well done to everyone involved it was a super evening.







Unpaid Internships - our first protest and win!


Jonathon (your new SBC Exec member) and me - Katie (your "new" SBC President) took a trip to London a couple of weeks ago. We went to a protest about long term unpaid internships. It was a very long day but a great way to start one of our main focuses for the Scottish Borders Campus Students' Union. 

The National Union of Students invited us and the whole day was a huge success, through all the hard work NUS have put in, Arcadia one of the biggest highstreet fashion franchises announced they are going to back pay all the unpaid interns from the last year and from now on are going to pay all their interns - this is a HUGE success!

One of the worst examples of unpaid internships was from Calvin Klein, they were advertising a year long internship, boasting that it wasn't a coffee collecting job for £0 for the duration - pretty sure that isn't far off slave labour!

Not only did we get involved in our first protest, but we also spoke to Radio 1 about the issue and I am sure you will hear our lovely Scottish tones amongst all the posh English ones in September. In the meantime watch this wee video we put together!


Jonathon, best dressed protester you have ever seen - getting some moral support from the queen on the way!



We had an hour before the train, Jonathon wanted to go to Slefridges - safe to say I couldn't afford anything!!



 Learning and Teaching Oscars


Over the last few months students have been nominating the members of staff who have made a significant difference to their university lives. 

The Scottish Borders Campus did especially well with 4 members of staff shortlisted for different awards.

Sandra Darling - Support Staff Award

Suzanne Martin - Refreshing Award

Lisa Macintyre - Switched On Award

Cath Fenton - Guiding Hand Award


There were 6 awards all together so we had most of the categories covered with our fantastic staff. A few student representatives and the staff took a trip up to the Edinburgh Campus for a fantastic awards ceremony.

We were hoping for a clean sweep but were delighted when management lecturer Cath Fenton won the guiding hand award.

Cath is a fanatastic tutor, mentor and lecturer. Her enthusiasim and friendliness makes her a firm favourite amoung the students. Cath always has an open door for any student whether she teaches them or not and this made her perfect to win this award.  

Thank you to all of you for niminating our fantastic staff - this means so much to them so make sure you say well done next time you see them!




Spring Break Party

This year we introduced the first of the hopefully annual Spring Break Parties, a chance for all the stuydents to let their hair down before exams and the summer get in the way.

This year we managed to nab the bouncy castle from the Edinburgh Campus and along with our bbq it was a great evening!






 Bad Fashion Strut

Our new sports officer Steph Booth organised a great event to raise money for Sports Relief we had a great group of students who did a mile strut around the Campus wearing the worst outfit they could put together. The students raised over £130 for the cause and gave everyone working a good laugh at the same time.




Volunteer Oscars

This year we had a full bus going up to the Edinburgh Campus for a night of glitz glamour and awards. 


                   Glamorous SBC students.






Award winners:

Peter Gilchrist - Lives in the Union Award

Laura Gregson - Poser of the Union Award

Julia Morgner - Lifetime Achievement

SBC Christian Union - Society of the Year




Take Me Out!

The first big event in the union was a HUGE sucess with nearly 200 students watching, 15 smoking girls calling the shots, 5 brave men and 1 comedian with an undying love for Galashiels! 

There was a lot of laughing and all the contestants were in really good form.

After the high spirits at the Union everyone was in the mood for some dancing and it will definately be one of the student nights in Gala that nobody will forget.




No Smoking Day

This year we decided to run an awareness day about smoking, the dangers and the cost of the habit. With help from NHS we had a day of information, carbon monoxide testing and freebies.







Christian Union Events Week

Every year the Christian Union put on events open to everybody. This year was no exception and the pulled off two fantastic weeks one straight after Freshers' and one after the Christmas Holidays. The second events week had a Made in Chelsea theme to it and the MADE IN GALA posters were everywhere. 

They society put on free champagne lunches, acoustic night, film night and a Ceilidh to round the week off. 

The whole society made everyone feel welcome at every event and the whole week was a huge success.




































Elections this year saw a whole new side to SBC, with the numbers of voters doubling from last year 33% of SBC students voted - considering the national average is 12% we are doing pretty well. We had a new position this year and that is SBC Executive member. This position will give us more of a say in meetings up at the Edinburgh Campus and generally make sure that YOUR voice is heard - Jonathon Andrews got Elected into this position.

For the first time ever we had an SBC student running for one of the Edinburgh based Sabbatical positions. Laura Gregson decided to take on the challenge and won the position with her votes a great achievement for her and for SBC.

The newly named position of President SBC was a hotly contested this year with Katie Barr and Peter Gilchrist running some great campaigns and really getting all the students on board.







 Edinburgh Bus Trip

Back by popular demand we booked another coach trip to the Edinburgh Campus for a wee night out. This ZOO themed night was great although the Scottish Borders Campus were definately into the dressing more than the Edinburgh lot! We did a lot of dancing and everybody crashed out for a snooze on the way home. 






The Space and The Bar

 "The Space" opened in January, with comfy seating, wifi,  coffe tables and somewhere to generally chill out and enjoy yourselves. NOT ONLY THAT but the bar will be open every Wednesday afternoon. You have to use it orelse you will loose it. See you there on Wednesdays! eeeek exciting! 





The Gala Vant...

Check out the first SBC online magazine here - just click the link! A group of Students worked hard on it so enjoy! 




First day planning session!





Freshers Team Party!

Just before Christmas I got all the helpers from Freshers' Week together to say thank you! I turned my living room into a christmas grotto, told they all to dress festive and ordered FAR TOO MUCH pizza! Was a very good night though here are some pictures no more explanantion needed! 




World Aids Day!


HWUSU joined forces with LGBT Borders, Borders College and Waverly Care to hold a full day of awareness and fundraising for World Aids Day. Students baked, went round with buckets and the brave ones participated in a flashmob in the union at lunch time. Watch the video below (im in the RAG dragon over heating!) Thanks to everyone who helped! 









Children in Need!

SBC show they can enjoy themselves with cake, champagne, amazing designs, beautiful models and Pudsey himself! All why raising lots of money for a good cause! 

Thanks to the Borders College for the fantastic hair they did and to all the models who gave up time for the great cause!



Gym Membership

This year there was a sharp rise in the gym memebership from, £65 to £85, the union didn't think this was fair so we questioned it and now those who have memberships can get £15 back and those who want to sign up now only have to pay £70 this should stay the same for next year, altogether a Union sucess! 




Biggest night of the year, without a doubt. The costumes get serious and everybody goes out. This year was no exception! We had three winners in Move top prize was an amazing Mad Hatter costume made from scratch with the biggest that I have ever seen, Second was a beautiful swan costume and third was a full packet of m&m's, every colour imaginable!

Everyone had a blast and there were some amazing flat parties about town - never seen so many black bags in my life! 




Freshers Week


I have so much to catch you up on! I will start with Freshers' Week!


We had an amazing Freshers Week this year with the Cheeky Girls, Hip Parade  and Pearl and the puppets all performing, along with a very funny comedy night and some top Freshers', partying hard and enjoying the week! Here are some pictures to so those of you not there know how much fun it was!



  School Disco, BBQ, Ice cream, Champagne Tea Parties, Fairground, Freshers' Freebies......lots and lots of laughing!                   



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