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Black Students

The Black Students group at HW Union serves as a campaigning body, raising awareness and fighting inequality and injustice, as well as a great way to meet new friends. If you're of African, Asian or Caribbean descent we'd love for you to get directly involved and everyone else's support is welcome.

Here at Heriot-watt the Black Students' campaign is part of the 'Diversity' group. This means we work together with other student groups such as LGBT, International, Women and Disabled. This is a new initiative and we are all looking forward to supporting each other's causes. As part of the 'Diversity' group we believe that:

'United we stand and divided we fall' .

As Black Students Officer I am able to help and support you if you have any issues throughout your time at Heriot-watt. These issues may range from either your personal or academic life, however these issues can be resolved as HW Union is willing to support all students.

Why do we have a Black Student' Campaign

  • What it comes down is representation within our universities. Black students form 20% of the UK student population. Yet only a small minority participate in activities within their unions.
  • Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, I urge you to get involved in your union. If we want to see change and real action taken about issues concerning Black students, we need to be at the forefront and on those decision tables.
  • Heriot-watt has been making inspirational achievements in terms of Black students being involved in their union. Year after year students have held positions on the council, in student committees and in societies.

Get involved

As a part of the Black Students committee there are real opportunities for ambitious and passionate students to get involved in our campaigns. Whether you are interested in, socialising, finding out how you can get involved or seeking assistance: this new section of the HW Union website will bring news, events, opinion and information.