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The Disabled Students group at HW Union serves as a campaigning body, fighting inequality and injustice, as well as a source of mutual support and information for a wide body of students. ‘Disability’ is a wide ranging term, not limited to the physical or visible, and as such, every student’s experience will differ. By coming together to celebrate such diversity (and having lots of fun along the way), the isolation that individuality can often bring, will cease to exist. Similarly, such a diverse, yet united group, can place great pressure on governing bodies for change and raise awareness throughout the greater student body.

The HW Union Disabled Students group is part of the wider network of Liberation groups within the Equal Opportunities zone. These groups, as identified by NUS Scotland, are the focus of many national and local campaigns, and it is the intention of the union to provide support wherever possible.

Whether you are interested in, socialising, finding out how you can get involved, sounding off or seeking assistance: this new section of the HW Union website will bring news, events, opinion and information.