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Societies Homepage

Whether you are a society member, a new student, a society leader or looking to set up a new society – you will find everything to fulfil your society needs here!

Societies add so much to your University experience! They are more than just activity groups: they are amazing support networks, bringing together like-minded people through a shared activity. In joining a society, you will make many new friends and learn great new skills. With flexible working hours and Wednesday afternoons off, University is the perfect time to try your hand at something new by getting involved with a society. Check out the A-Z list of societies to find the right group for you. Remember to check out the ‘societies wanted’ section as well, and if you still don’t see the one you want, you can always set up a new society!

Want to know how we can help you?

What help can you get as an affiliated society? Check out our 'Run a Society' page.

Want to join a society?

Whether you’re a new student or just new to societies, our 'Societies List' is the page for you!

Want to set up your own society?

Got a group of friends together who want to make a society? Check out our simple guide to setting up a society!

 New Societies

Setting up a society is simple - check out how to here!

We are currently looking for members for the following societies:- 

Chess Society

Scottish friends of Bhopal 

Historical European Martial Arts Society

Also here are some Societies that have recently affliated:-


Arab Society

Heriot-Watt Signing Society

Dance Society

Indian Pakistani Society


If you are interested in any of these societies or want to start one of your own, please get in touch with Andrew at societies@hwunion.com

Society Spotlight

Society Spotlight rewards Societies who have achieved the most in the last two weeks.

Each winner will win £25 plus 1 weeks advertising on the Union's Plasma Screens.

The Winners of Week 7 + 8 are:-

Snooker and Darts Society

Well Done guys!